We Are Leaders in Science,
We Are Driven to Innovate

Our Team

We Are Leaders in Science,
We Are Driven to Innovate

The Kenox Team is a group of highly motivated professionals committed to bringing superior drug products to patients around the world. Empowered by experience working with drug formulation and delivery, together with our industry savvy, we are fully equipped to deliver results and achieve goals in all our projects and initiatives.

    Leadership Members

  • Sitaram Velaga, PhD – Chief Executive Officer

    Dr. Velaga is a highly accomplished and internationally recognized pharmaceutical professional with over 18 years of academic and industrial experience in the areas of solid-state chemistry, solubilization technologies, particle engineering, and the development of specialized dosage forms, including oral films and aerosol-based drug products. Dr. Velaga has proven himself a strong leader, having successfully built and led teams of highly skilled and motivated scientists and scholars. He has established strong business and professional relationships with pioneering scientists, universities, and pharmaceutical companies in a number of countries around the world. He brings his years of experience in drug-product development, innovative research, project management, business development, and strategy to Kenox.

  • Nuggehally R Srinivas, PhD, FCP - Chief Operating Officer

    Dr. Srinivas is a trained clinical pharmacologist and drug development specialist with 3 decades of experience encompassing Research and Development of small molecules, biologics, biosimilars and specialty products (via 505(b)(2) registration pathway). Dr. Srinivas has worked in different geographies with exposure to large pharmaceutical companies, generic companies, CROs, virtual drug development engines, specialty companies, biotechs and start-ups. Over the years, Dr. Srinivas has applied various tools, strategies and operational models to enable developmental decisions and/or business decisions for number of programs in multi-therapeutic areas including CNS, CV, pain/inflammation, metabolic disorders, infection, oncology etc. He has led large multi-disciplinary functional groups for the execution of seamless development for both 505(b)(1) and 505(b)(2) related programs. Dr. Srinivas has authored over 325 scholarly publications covering various aspects of drug development including clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, ADME, biopharmaceutics, bioanalysis etc. He has served and continuous to serve on the editorial boards of leading scientific journals catering to various aspects of drug development. He was nominated as the Fellow of Clinical Pharmacology by the American College of Clinical Pharmacology.

  • Christopher Kuhn, Chief Financial Officer

    Christopher Kuhn, CFO, is a 30-year veteran in banking & finance in the diversified New York, New Jersey market, with experience in business development, commercial lending, accounting, cash management and a host of other financial/non-financial, advisory services adding value to small to upper middle market companies. Kuhn has compiled a healthy rolodex over that time consisting of commercial lenders, P.E. firms, M&A firms, investment banks, and has extensive network of entrepreneurs and leaders in diverse industry. Kuhn will guide the Kenox through various funding stages with equity and institutional investors and provide budgeting, cash flow forecasting and other CFO services post revenue.

  • David Stadermann, MS – Director, Inhaled Product Development Expert

    Mr. Stadermann is a Chemical Engineer and aerosol-based product-development scientist with over 12 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of pMDIs and DPIs. He has strong technical expertise in the development, submission, and patent litigations of inhalation drug substances and drug products. He has a proven track record in both generic and innovative development at a number of prestigious pharmaceutical companies, including Teva, Solvay, and Merck. Mr. Stadermann has authored CMC sections for various clinical and commercial inhalation products, and has directly engaged with global regulatory authorities (EMEA, US, JP, LATAM, and RoW). Among his key achievements are the successful development and approval of budesonide/formoterol and fluticasone/salmeterol products.

  • Advisory Board Members

  • Igor Gonda, Ph.D.

    Dr. Igor Gonda is the founder of Respidex LLC – a consulting firm assisting pharmaceutical companies in corporate strategy, including R&D program design, collaborations with patient advocacy groups, regulatory process, intellectual property management, financing and business development. He was previously CEO of the inhalation company Aradigm Corp and transdermal delivery company Acrux Ltd. Prior to that, he conducted aerosol research and product development at Genentech Inc. (USA) and at universities in the UK, USA and Australia. He has over 120 US patents and patent applications and published over a hundred papers and book chapters primarily on inhalation of drugs and biologics. He graduated in Chemistry and received PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Leeds, England.

  • Peter James Mauser, M.S., Ph.D.

    Dr. Mauser has over thirty-five years experience as a pulmonary and systems physiologist. During his career he worked for several major pharmaceutical companies including Schering-Plough, Aventis, Novartis, Eisai and Merck. His expertise is in the development of in vivo models of pulmonary disease to assess pharmacological proof of concept in a variety of species including non-human primates. More recently he has been involved in developing and testing novel dry powder inhalation delivery systems. He also spent several years working in clinical research positions that allowed him to develop a strong understanding of the drug development process beyond pre-clinical drug discovery. He has published novel physiological findings and provided numerous lectures and seminars on pulmonary physiology.

  • Bruno Schremmer, MD, Pulmonology

    Dr. Schremmer is board certified in physician in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, and Critical Care and a of President, PhenGen Biotech LLC. Dr. He trained in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Minnesota and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute as well as at the University of Pennsylvania. Schremmer holds an M.D. from the University Xavier Bichat in Paris, France and a M.S. in Cardiovascular Physiology from Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire Lariboisière Paris, France. Dr. Schremmer founded PhenGen Biotech, a small biotech company focused on developing a biologics drug discovery platform based on a novel hybrid display technology. He has excellent understanding of unmet medical need in the clinic and passionate about creating innovative therapeutics for improving patient outcomes.

We also consult with industry veterans on various aspects of drug product development.