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About Us

About Us

Kenox is dedicated to bringing our innovations in aerosol drug delivery to our patients. We are equipped to develop high-quality and affordable generics, as well as innovative products for unmet medical and patient needs. Our technologies and know-how allow for the development of products for the efficacious and safe delivery of diverse molecules. We are driven to establish partnerships with companies interested in exploring aerosol-based technologies for generic molecules or new chemical entities.


Our vision is to become a leading pharmaceutical company, a preeminent force in the field of innovative pharmaceutical development that consistently delivers cutting-edge products acclaimed for their therapeutic contributions around the globe. 


With our passion for excellence, paired with our expertise in science and technology, we can deliver high-quality, cost-effective generic and innovative drug products that confer maximum therapeutic benefit for our patients.


The Kenox Team is the core of our enterprise; we assume responsibility and accountability in every action and are always ready to put forth our best efforts to bring our research, development, and commercialization initiatives to success.


We operate with the highest regard for ethics, honesty, and transparency in all our practices, and develop our products according to equally high standards of quality and safety. 


At Kenox, our scientific expertise is complemented by our dedication to excellence. We are driven to meet the needs of both patients and our stakeholders by developing innovative and cost-effective products.


We are committed to developing new products that deliver improved therapeutic outcomes, while meeting unmet patient needs.